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As a very young man of 11 years old, Al Verschave, founder of AVS Fabrication, was introduced to the world of automotive customizing. He learned from his father, a midwestern Hot Rod painter who, to his credit, was a HOTROD Magazine Top Ten award winner. When Al worked with his father, he learned how to do the very best he could on every task he took on. Over the years it became evident that his love for fabrication took over the paint and body intuition he had mastered.

Al started working out of his family’s home garage on his own at 19 years old, welding roll cages and building headers, exhaust, complete turbo installations, plus many other forms of fabrication. His passion for building high quality race cars led to numerous awards. His awards include the renowned Detroit Autorama and the prestigious Master Builder Award at the Chicago World of Wheels.

Al has done many things in fabrication, from welding to aircraft part shop jobs. AVS Fabrication of Oceanside, California is very excited about what the future holds in fabrication, and looks forward to working with you on your next project or production.

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